Refunds & Cancellations

We at give utmost importance to safety. We always strive to make the fundraising process seamless, positive and most importantly secure.

Contributed funds.

  • operates on the crowdfunding model. The contributions can vary based on the specific partner farm you want to expect to grow your organic vegetables and crops in, and is clearly identified on the farm details section in the Project details page.
  • In order to continue to receive Farmup services, you need to ensure your contributions are paid up on or before the farms starts!
  • Discounts, rebates or other special offers are only valid for the initial term unless mentioned.
  • may increase contribution amount for individual projects listed under at any time and for any reason, provided, however, that provides notice at least thirty (15) calendar days prior to the expiration of the contribution.

Cancelling & Refunds

  • You can cancel your contribution by emailing us at (or) you can reachus by provided live chat to raise your request. Canceling your contribution only valid until accomplishes 100% goal and duration of the project, As a consumer, you can get cancel availability from maximum 15days of contribution time.
  • Once you cancel your contribution, it will get it reflected on your account by minimum 2 weeks duration. GST should be exempted from cancel order amount.
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