How Mr. Narender turned his career from Finance to an Organic Farmer

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Organic Farm Story

Who I am?

Good to see you all who reads my first and outmost crowdfunding project in, This is Narender Goud, A Natural Farmer from Hyderabad, Telangana, India. I can say the first words that I am so proud that I am a farmer.

As useful just like others I’ve accomplished MBA in finance and started my professional career in Banking sector, with my intention towards work and willingness to not give up anything, drags me from junior level position to a managerial position, I was happy with my career graph, but one day in life changed my way of thoughts towards how to live better ? On a casual workday, while I was discussing with my colleagues about our health and food systems, I wouldn’t expect that particular discussion went almost till a few more days. From that moment I have started researching “where our real foods come from ?” I have studied a bit deep into it and thus gradually realized how our current society made up of.  I have started realizing gradually that what we want to buy things, desires even our health is all trapped in the so-called “Corporate business loop. based on my research what we eat daily from morning to until bedtime, all are preservative and proceeded with an only aim of making billions by keeping shelf life longer, but once we compare our food from supermarkets with real food directly from mother nature, we can easily realize that our mother nature always keeps us healthy with fresh food. Thus I had made a bold decision to quit my career from finance to be a farmer, That too Natural farmer.

My Goal?

Its quite simple, I want to be healthy and happy but my goal is not just for me nor my family but also people around me, particularly who consider their health is most important wealth in thier lives. I am doing Natural farming practices since last 3 years, as like other people, without having practical experience on farming, initially, I’ve struggled to deal with mother nature, but as I said before, I am a person not to give up simple. its meaningless, Mother nature tested me so hard, thus I keep transforming myself to be an experienced level natural farmer. Before starting my farming career, I got 3acres of land from my savings along with my father’s property. Now myself has 10acres well-cultivated land from the distance of 26km from Ameerpet, Hyderabad

Here are my major goals towards creating sustainable natural & organic based farming and trying to impact people’lives better by providing real food.

  • Create awareness towards chemical-free foods and farming.
  • Provide free training classes and create more jobs for young farmers.
  • Provide opportunities for educational programming on organic farming.
  • Allow community access to my urban farm location.
  • Expand my network of urban farms to the near villages.
  • Grow more real food!

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